Hungarian gastronomy is arguably more well known for its age-old food preparation methods than its national dishes. They have been using the same artisanal meat production techniques and recipes today as they did 150 years ago. Its famous sausages, salamis, hams and other meat brands are all the result of centuries-old experience and traditions.

Respecting and nurturing the craft in the same way for 150 years means expertise, high attention to detail and unrivalled quality. To this day, local factories use only the finest locally-sourced ingredients made only by the most knowledgeable locals. Of course, Hungary’s fragrant paprika is at the heart of it all.

Some producers, like the Gyula factory in South-Eastern Hungary, have been proudly following the unhurried, artisan techniques of pepperoni heritage. The flagship Gyula sausage is a protected product and the recipe and production process is proudly unchanged.

Local producers acknowledge the impact they have on the meat industry. They recognise that guarding every detail of the sausages profile means that Hungary’s reputation continues to be safely protected. This is true for every step in the process, from traditional beech wood smoking to slow drying and natural casings

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