We source premium speciality cured meats from Hungary’s finest producers, renowned for their production expertise and quality, including Hungarian salami, Mangalica and venison products. We are proud to provide internationally renowned Hungarian pork sausages which have been winning awards and accolades around the world since the 19th century, including PGI status in some cases.

The portfolio includes some of Hungary’s most iconic sausage and salami brands. They are widely considered to be some of the best smoked and dried meats for the distinctive flavour profiles that they impart onto pizzas, pasta and virtually any other relevant application where a pepperoni or chorizo product may be used. They have high meat content and are rich in protein.

Estom has deep-rooted relationships with country’s most well-established and trusted cured meat brands, one of which has been the only pepperoni good enough for the UK’s largest pizza restaurant chain for over 50 years.

The internationally renowned smoked Gyula sausage is a PGI protected product, licensed solely to the Gyula region of Hungary, in the South-East. Dating back to 1869, the original Gyula sausage has always been made using premium class pork. With its high-quality ingredients and unhurried production processes unchanged for 150 years, it is widely considered to be the ‘Rolls Royce’ of dried sausages.

The Gyula factory has been using the same traditional beech wood smoking, curing and slow drying techniques with no rush to deliver the finished product. In fact, the longer, the better. In true artisan style. The meat is filled into natural casings and seasoned with fragrant herbs and spices, to add to its unique organoleptic profile. These delicate production methods, combined with the quality of raw materials used, mean that some products enjoy a long shelf life of 150 days when chilled.

No surprise then, that these are also our best-sellers.


Other ranges in our food portfolio


As the Hungarian season is usually ahead of the UK, we provide a range of fresh fruit and vegetables ahead of British crop availability.


We pride our IQF range on the quality freezing process which Hungary is renowned for. Hungary’s frozen food industry boasts expertise spanning more than 50 years.


Hungarian Paprika powder has excellent colour values which meet the most stringent technical specifications. In addition to herbs and spices, we also supply specialty dried fruit.

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