About Estom

Estom is a specialist supplier of Hungary’s finest cured meats and seasonal foods to the foodservice, wholesale, catering, manufacturing and processing sectors in the UK, celebrating a milestone 70 plus years in operation.

A family business based in London, we are proud to continue a rich legacy of sourcing and supplying only the finest, natural Hungarian ingredients that are made with the utmost care and attention.

Some of the producers we source from have been proudly following the unhurried, artisan techniques of 150 years of food production heritage. It is this unwavering commitment to quality and tradition that gives our cured meats their distinct taste, pleasing aesthetics and excellent cooking performance.

The UK food industry has warmly embraced the superior flavours, aromas and textures of Hungarian cuisine. We are incredibly proud to have been supplying British blue chip food companies for the past seven decades. In fact, one of our lines continues to be a firm favourite with the country’s largest pizza restaurant chain for more than 50 years.

A brief history of the business

Charles Reginald Braybrooke (born in Britain in 1912) served during the Second World War in the British Army as a tank commander in the same unit as Mr. Emeric Treitel, a Hungarian emigre (born in 1914). Their friendship developed into a business relationship when they worked together at CR Braybrooke & Co Ltd. which was incorporated on 13 August 1946. Mr. Braybrooke was the financier and Mr. Treitel was the brains, entrepreneur and operator.

CR Braybrooke & Co. Ltd was a trading company involved in the importation of foods products like jams, fresh produce and canned goods from Hungary to the United Kingdom, at a time when access to other markets was far less simple. This main entity ended up acquiring and creating various other businesses involved in trading food and non-food products, from Hungary and Eastern Europe to West Africa. Braybrooke exited the business in 1983 and Mr. Treitel passed away in 1997.

Separately to this, another company named Biro’s Products Limited, previously known as Ribpack Limited dating as far back as 1941, was also importing Hungarian food to the UK. The proprietor was Mr. Stephen Fejer (1914 – 2012). On Mr. Fejer’s retirement in the early 1990’s, Biro’s Products Limited merged with Braybrooke Hungarofood Company Limited.

Whilst all this was happening, and with no connection to the businesses mentioned above, a formidable lady by the name of Judith Nador was headhunted in 1991 to oversee the British-Hungarian joint-venture company that was Braybrooke-Hungarofood & Co. Ltd. Following the passing of Mr. Treitel and the change of ownership, Mrs. Nador became one of the founding directors and shareholders of a new entity to continue the business. Mrs. Nador’s son, Tom, joined the business in 2009 and the business was later re-branded to Estom Ltd, a respectful nod to the names of Mrs. Nador’s children’s names, Esther and Tom.

So Estom Ltd. is the ultimate successor to CR Braybrooke & Co. Ltd. and its subsidiary companies such as Braybrooke-Hungarofood & Co. Ltd, and we continue the importation of quality Hungarian food products, marketing and distribution to the UK’s wholesale, food service, retail and manufacturing sectors.


Tribute to the late Mrs Judith Nador

In 2017, Mrs. Nador sadly passed away, an immeasurable loss to her family and friends first and foremost, and indeed to Estom’s many loyal partners, suppliers, customers and supporters. She was a highly astute and respected businesswoman and the success and growth of Estom will always remain her legacy. Mrs. Nador passed at the age of 70 years, the same age as the business, and tragically just a few days and weeks after her first grandchildren were born.


Historical Tradition



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